Terms of Use

To protect Open RSS ("us", "we", "our") and uphold our mission to serve you ("you", "your"), we have to be clear (and unfortunately a little wordy) about our work and any derivative of it, including our RSS feeds, the copy in the blog articles we write, the source code exposed on our website, or anything else we may offer to the public ("services") and how these services should be used by you. Your use of our services means you agree to everything on this page and, unfortunately, it all applies to you whether or not you've actually read it.

Using Our Services

How you use our services are important to us and everyone else who relies on them. So we kindly require a few things from you.

Limitation of Liability

Solving the world's problems is a goal of ours, but there's magic in us all being realistic with ourselves.

Violations of These Terms

Break these terms, and we'll have to break away from you.

To protect our mission and ensure we can continue to serve the public, your violation of these terms will result in you being blocked and/or banned from using our services. After that, we may be forced to take legal action if the violation continues.

There's no way we can predict every possible scenario in the future that would be in violation of these terms, so we can't explicitly list all of them. But hopefully you see that the spirit throughout our terms is the same and that—even if not listed here—it may still be a violation. If you have any questions about these terms or the use of our services, we encourage you to reach out and ask us to be sure.

Terms Updates

This page may change as our needs evolve. If that happens (which it probably will), it may mean we'll have to update this page with more words that may put you to sleep. But we'll do our best to let you know through our Changelog, which has an RSS feed you can subscribe to. Once the updates are made here, continuing to use our services means you agree to those as well.