Issues Log

Reported issues and bugs from the community. If you think something should be here, please let us know.

Issue Opened Status
Thunderbird users are unable to use Open RSS feeds 06/19/2024 Open
Restricted access to Threads content is preventing RSS feed generation 06/10/2024 Open
Flickr RSS feeds are being blocked 06/07/2024 Open
Cloudflare-enabled websites are blocking RSS feed generation 06/07/2024 Open
SpaceCowboys Android RSS Reader user agent is making excessive requests to RSS feeds 04/23/2024 Resolved
Feedbin shows "Connection Error" when importing Open RSS feeds 04/20/2024 Open
Open RSS feed subscriptions are being blocked in Inoreader 04/19/2024 Open
Feedbin requests failing to be optimized per response status codes 04/19/2024 Open
YouTube RSS feeds are being overridden in Inoreader 04/09/2024 Resolved
There is no standard mime type for RSS feeds 02/19/2024 Open
Spotify's podcasts cannot be played in a podcast app or RSS reader 01/29/2024 Open
NetNewsWire app not using response headers to slow down the frequency of its requests 01/28/2024 Open
Vienna RSS Reader user agent is making an influx of batched requests 01/28/2024 Open
Unable to access Facebook content for RSS feed generation 01/25/2024 Open
Reeder is making excessive requests to RSS feeds all at one time 12/06/2023 Open
RSS feeds for Instagram have been blocked 05/31/2023 Open
Twitter (X) is blocking access from obtaining RSS feed content 10/15/2022 Open