How to Use
Open RSS Feeds

Open RSS feeds are just RSS feeds for websites that don't already provide them. They're free for anyone to use and don't require any signup or account creation.

Get an Open RSS Feed

Before getting RSS feeds, you'll need an RSS Reader app or any other app that supports RSS feeds to use them. Once you have an RSS Reader, you can get an Open RSS feed for a website by navigating to any web page on the internet for which you'd like an RSS feed. Then, add at the beginning of the URL in the browser location bar. For example, if you're currently on, and you'd like to get an Open RSS feed for it, you'd just change the URL in the browser to the one shown below.

If Open RSS offers an RSS feed for the web page, the feed will load and show after a few seconds. Then, you can add the feed to your RSS Reader app. If the feed is not yet offered by Open RSS, the feed will be automatically converted to a feed request, to be fulfilled in the order it was received.

Find an Open RSS Feed

To find out whether Open RSS offers an RSS feed for a website you're interested in, you can try typing the website into the search bar on the home page to see if there's an RSS feed available. If Open RSS provides an RSS feed for the website, it will appear in the results along with an example link to a working feed.

Request an Open RSS Feed

If you find that a web page you'd like to follow doesn't have an RSS feed, you can request that Open RSS create it for you by simply navigating to the web page with at the beginning of the URL. For example, to request a feed for, the URL you'd navigate to in your web browser should look like this.

After that, you'll likely see a "Feed not found" page. But behind the scenes, the page request will be added to our queue to be fulfilled in the order received. For us to fulfill any RSS feed request for a web page, the page:

Once we complete your request for the RSS feed, we'll announce its availability in our Changelog, which also has an RSS feed to which you can subscribe for updates.

We have a constant growing backlog of feed requests, and developing stable feeds takes time and dedication. So we kindly ask for your patience in fulfilling your requests.