Follow discussions on the Fediverse with Mastodon RSS Feeds

Image of Mastodon's mascot looking at a planet in space through binoculars

RSS feeds are now available for Mastodon, an open-sourced and decentralized alternative to traditional social networks! You can get an RSS feed for any Mastodon user by simply navigating to the user's page on Mastodon and adding before the instance's domain of the URL in your browser bar. For example, the RSS feed for @Mastodon is at the URL shown below.

You can also get an RSS feed for hashtags, along with home, local, and federated timelines on any Mastodon instance supported. For example, here are all the supported timelines you can get an RSS feed for on the instance.

Because there are so many Mastodon instances, we've supported RSS feeds for the instances we know about. You can verify if a Mastodon RSS feed is available for an instance by typing in the domain name of the instance in the search bar on the home page.

If you'd like to see RSS feed support for an instance that we don't yet support, you can navigate to the URL of the instance and add right before the domain. You'll get a "Not found" page, but doing that will notify us that you'd like to see an RSS feed for that instance. Or you can get in touch with us through our contact form.

See post replies in context

After subscribing to a user's Mastodon RSS feed, instead of just seeing only their post, you also see the post they've replied to. For example, if you were to subscribe to the RSS feed for @alice's timeline, you'd see the post @alice has replied to first, then her reply below that, as shown below.

@alice's reply to a post on @alice's RSS feed

View boosted posts

Following a user with RSS feeds keeps you updated with their posts, but knowing when the user has boosted another post is helpful as well. So each boosted post appears in the feed as a separate item.

@bob's RSS feed showing that @bob has boosted an image posted by @joan

Browse posts privately

Using Mastodon RSS feeds allows you to keep up with the content from any user on an instance without actually following the user or even logging in, so you can still browse Mastodon while sustaining your level of privacy. But this privacy respect goes both ways. So if a Mastodon user makes their posts private, we respect their wishes and don't include that content in the RSS feeds.

Ensure content stays accessible

If you're following a user on another instance and your admin decides to block that instance, you can no longer see or interact with that user's content when logged in. But subscribing to that user's Mastodon RSS feed will allow you to still have access to the user's posts, regardless of whether they are blocked.

We hope you enjoy the Mastodon RSS feeds. And if you encounter any issues, want to suggest a new feature, or have any ideas on how to improve them, don't hesitate to shoot us a message!

Open RSS is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in the District of Columbia, USA and funded only by voluntary donations of its users. If you enjoy using Open RSS, we'd be so grateful if you'd consider donating to help us grow and continue to provide you with a quality and reliable service.